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Our Approach

Codicote delivers value-adding services to our clients.

Having Codicote onboard for your project is like having an in-house builder involved throughout the various phases of pre-development, design, builder procurement and construction delivery. Because we are builders working on the client side, Codicote aims to be an asset to you that you would otherwise have to seek from a builder.

Codicote has a proven track record in successfully delivering tailored project services of varying scale, value, size, risk and complexity. We integrate with our clients to become a long-term trusted advisor, and we’re proud of our high level of repeat business.

Our Approach


We understand the importance of sustainability and the role this plays in corporate commitments and the long-term benefit it provides for people, clients and the environment. The Codicote team will facilitate the incorporation of sustainable initiatives into the design development of projects from conception to implementation.