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Construction Planning

Construction Planning
Construction Planning and Programming
Buildability and Staging Advice
Master Planning

One of Codicote’s greatest areas of expertise is pre-planning. The period in which to positively influence the outcomes of a project is early in the concept phase; once construction has commenced, there are fewer opportunities to save time or money. We firmly believe that planning ahead and having the detailed control tools/programmes are critical to meeting agreed timeframes.

Our team has spent many years evaluating construction options, exploring buildability issues and determining the best outcome through detailed programming of the works. We are regularly engaged to produce or review construction programmes to deliver better time, risk or financial outcomes, often resulting in significant savings in all these areas for our clients.

We’re regularly engaged by contractors and developers to assist in all types of construction planning. With their builder background, our in-house planners are able to integrate into builders’ bid teams or developers’ due diligence teams to produce high level and detailed tender and target programmes, 2D and 3D staging plans, 4D programming, and written methodology submissions including pre-construction procedures, risk assessments, resource forecasts and project management protocols.

Our services also provide guidance on distressed projects, live project tracking and reporting, and productivity and critical path analysis across all sectors and industries.

With firsthand experience in ‘live’ environments such as shopping centres, hotels, offices, airports and hospitals, Codicote understands the specific attention to detail required to execute and deliver a project.

Codicote is a valuable asset in strategic planning of construction projects. We work with senior management of organisations with a pipeline of proposed development and construction projects to provide strategic planning advice, including all live environment logistics associated with keeping buildings operational, relocating people and equipment and achieving organisational requirements.