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Client Project Management

Client Project Management by Codicote
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Project Management

Codicote can provide significant value in the key areas of Client Project Management and Construction Planning. The two disciplines come together to form the nucleus of project time control.

We take great care to understand all the requirements of our clients, from feasibility, cost, time, quality and risk through to sustainability, compliance and more. Our proven track record is founded on our ability to manage stakeholders and user groups, plus coordinate client performance management matters and ‘people’ sensitivities regarding user needs.

Codicote has extensive experience in Design Management from working for construction companies in a Design and Construct environment. Our process begins with a robust, agreed design brief in consultation with our client and their stakeholders; we then rigorously manage this brief to achieve a compliant building. We understand the need to balance time, cost, quality and sustainability requirements to achieve the project goals.

Our team is well versed in construction commerce, contracts and administration and we have a wealth of experience to draw on. Given our construction background, we can provide comprehensive documentation that details the whole construction programme, from staging requirements and site logistics, to temporary works, how customers/workers will continue to operate, and so on. Typically, this is either left too late or for the builder to determine, and the ramifications of this can be damaging for all concerned.

With the meticulous pre-planning, design, commercial and contract requirements already prepared by Codicote in the contract documents, and by controlling the process through to execution of the construction brief, attention to detail is guaranteed in the delivery.

Codicote is well positioned to be able to carry out the construction delivery process as Project Manager/Superintendent. Our people understand how builders think. We act in the best interests of our clients to achieve the project’s goals, while maintaining our contractual independence when required.

Recently, we have delivered complex projects in retail, commercial refurbishment, residential and high security. Our developer clients praise us for our knowledge of the industry and the way in which we work with designers, builders and stakeholders to deliver construction projects.